Sunday 8 September 2013

Mesmerised - behind the scenes at the trailer

 From early morning to late in the evening

Names left to right in each photograph


Coral Amiga as Blanche

picture taken on the set of Mesmerised trailer 
  Coral Amiga as Blanche
Philip Lowe as Dr Paul Gachet 

Coral Amiga

Teodora Bergland and crew

Philip Lowe and Teodora Bergland 

   Anna Astrom and Teodora Bergland

picture from Mesmerised trailer shoot
Anna Astrom as Bella
 David James Fleet, Humphrey Hardwicke and Giacomo Hug

Philip Lowe as Dr Paul Gachet
Frederico Ghetta

Abandoned café
Lili Lea Abraham

Dressing room

Teodora Berrgland, Anna Astrom and Philip Lowe

Photo from Mesmerised trailer shoot
Maria Vega as an artist's model

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